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The Demster-Pumpster looks like a large Dempster Dumpster setting beside a building but it is a dispenser of high quality lubricating oil that is recovered from used oil in situ. Also, it provides on-peak power to the grid while disposing of hydrocarbons in a sustainable manner. For example, an automotive ICE has a minimum of four quarts of oil that must be disposed of and replaced on a regular basis. Lubricating oil however does not wear out but becomes contaminated with particulates, and protective chemicals are depleted. This used oil is dumped into the Demster-Pumpster and its artificial intelligence (AI) driven sensors, pumps, valves, centrifuges and filters go to work cleaning and rejuvenating the lubricating oil. The used oil is exchanged for clean, high quality lubricating oil at a cost far less than new oil.

The Demster-Pumpster provides a miniscule carbon footprint with this process compared to disposing of the old oil and procuring new oil. One test vehicle drove over 300,000 miles on the original lubricating oil to prove this concept. With today's technology this device can address lubricity, viscosity, specific gravity, PH, solids and all critical parameters that affect proper lubrication. This green technology provides a very substantial economic incentive too since it can save from $5.50 to $10.00 per quart depending on oil characteristics.

The AI aspect of the system allows the invention to address a wide range of oil applications from heavy gear oil to light compressor oil. However, testing has demonstrated some oil is not suitable for reuse but even this oil is put to good use. The invention includes an engine that literally combusts the waste oil turning it into electric power that can help power the device and the grid. Today fuel oil is very expensive exceeding over $5.00 per gallon. A special engine with catalytic augmented combustion converts this oil into electric power rather than dispose of it by other means. As this invention is anticipated to be widely used, it can supplement the on peak power needs without any modifications to the existing power grid. This invention would store the waste oil until power generation needs required its use.

Every automotive dealership and filling station could benefit from the Demster-Pumpster as the industry phases out ICE vehicles. Literally millions of gallons of oil would need not be obtained by drilling, only to be disposed of later. As the attached illustration demonstrates, this invention is a fully automated oil processing system that provides a green alternative to ICE waste oil disposal. From an economic and convenience perspective this invention offers substantial incentives by creating a "vending machine" that would be more productive than solar panels and windmills in terms of impact on climate change. Industrial and commercial users down to individuals would all find benefits from its use. Furthermore, it uses integration of technology that has been proven to be successful and effective.


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