Solar Tower

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A modular solar tower thermal air heating system that heats incoming air twice and also heats a thermal mass that provides heat during night hours . The Solar Tower system is for greenhouses, farm buildings, industrial, commercial buildings , schools, residential and summer cottages.

In greenhouses it can also supply carbon dioxide supplementation to crop requirements by as much as 51% (410 ppm fresh air to 800 ppm grow cycle requirements.

The Solar Tower also pressurizes, filters, and can sterilize (UV) greenhouse air to keep mites, insects and bacteria out of building areas.

The Tower unit can be round, flat or shaped to suit the application and heating requirements and can reduce heating costs by 40-60%.


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    Harley Kelsey
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    I have a patented package sewage treatment plants in production.
    A solar heater that hangs in the window that heats a room. A solar heater for cottages
    I have built 7 electrical wire and cable factories. Patents in marine clamps and brackets.
    Now doing 3D printing. Contact me for complete Solar Tower process.
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