Ballast Water Treatment System

I am a member of the creative team of the Danube Institute which has developed and patented a ship installation for disinfection and purification of ballast water in accordance with modern International requirements - D-2. Ballast water treatment on ships entered a new phase of control from 2020, where the requirements for ballasting and deballasting of the vessel will be tightened. About 40 thousand ships are already undergoing re-equipment or awaiting it at ship repair and shipbuilding yards. The first vessel is to undergo re-equipment at the Izmail shipyard, with which the Danube Institute has entered into partnership agreements in the creation of our installation. The Danube Institute created a laboratory installation on which the research has begun.

The scientific team of the institute has done a certain amount of work to study the best examples of modern installations for the disinfection and purification of ballast water, which allowed us to find weak points in their design and use the best scientific and technological solutions in our installation. For the traditional elements of disinfection: ultraviolet radiation, ozonization of ballast water, we used for the first time in the world practice (control of ship ballast water) the Lev Yutkin effect of an electro hydro-shock, which was further improved into a high-voltage corona electric pulse with minimal power consumption, which will be provided by ships' standard power plants. Nanotechnological filters will also be used, capable of disinfecting up to two strains of hepatitis virus (0.0025 microns) in ballast water. The filter itself is fully automated and self-cleaning during operation (the ship's oil filter was taken as the prototype).

For the first time for such installations, a disinfecting reagent iron chelate was used instead of hypochlorite, which is introduced by a dispenser into ballast tanks; this reagent has a better disinfection ability and reduces the corrosion activity of tanks.


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