Ten Phase

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While experimenting with three phase, a single phase was created, proving to me that single phase is the answer. Then, from deep understanding, ten phase back to single showed great increase in potential.

From a rotor of seven same facing equidistant magnets centered within a coil arrangement of ten neighboring coils ten single phases of electricity are created.

Indeed each coil can use a diode to grasp a quarter of the potential showing ten phase AC. But all the magic happens when the 10 phases are added through residence wiring to become one big phase. Changing them from parallel to series creates the wanted single phase.

Instead of gulping large volumes of potential energy this design takes many bites, causing lower drag, and then combines them for a larger output.

Offering substantially greater output than present generators, this alternative should be used instead. Personally I cannot ever fathom the capability this item has. It has great market potential and can be produced almost anywhere that current generators are. The overall design is not that complicated which ads to its ease of production. The prototype is just proof of concept and can be manipulated in various fashions. It offers an outstanding alternative approach at electric generation.



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