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Currently, it is not possible to live without electricity. Our lifestyles influence this resource consumption. Indeed, each one of us with his attitude and mores imposes a certain profile to electrical consumption. This project aims to develop a solution that allows smart remote measurements of electricity consumption. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used to properly analyze the consumption profile targeting individuals identification who certainly have different lifestyles. Moreover, adequate intelligence applied to consumption measurements makes it possible to guess the type of machines used. We also aim to associate with the developed system intelligence, Home automation control planning the residents' actions.

The use of the energy resource is influenced by our lifestyles: using a coffee maker, watching television, working on PC... It is obvious that each individual with his behavior and morals imposes a certain profile on the consumption of electrical energy. Deep and smart analyzes done on this consumption can succeed in present person identification who certainly have different habits. Moreover, each electrical device connected to the electrical grid imposes its own consumption line. Artificial intelligence (AI) applied to the consumption measurements makes it possible to guess the type of machines used.

We intend to build real-time and smart telemetry device dedicated to the electrical energy consumption. The proposed solution use FPGA based board for remote measurements of the electricity consumption. Proposed hardware based on the DE10-NANO Terasic board, gauges several electrical signals parameters calculated from instantaneous measurement of the current. The interest of the FPGA/SoC device goes toward intelligent analysis for real-time measurements of the electrical current. Instantaneous and real-time electricity consumption measurement associated with correct Artificial Intelligence opens up scenarios to identify installed equipment or even present persons. Examples of use include electrical consumption monitoring hotel rooms, university, institutions…. Measurements can be initiated on demand remotely or periodically at scheduled times on several parts of the electrical distribution network. The created system can be cloned to be used on large power grid. Local DE10-Nano based AI analyses can be loaded over internet or a cloud connection, to improve results and deep learning.

Our proposed solution is done with DE10-Nano as central module and the heart of the system. The central board is responsible for data acquisition and intelligence. This module also serves as a gateway to the applications hosted in servers or cloud. The used DE10-Nano is placed downstream electrical panelboard for real time current measurements. Implemented AI and decision making are based first on current consumption measurement analyses.

In addition, our solution bring the prestige of an automated and intelligent home automation control. Wireless nodes are designed around an ARDUINO platform to assist the DE10-Nano central board to control the connected peripherals of the building. The proposed Arduino based wireless nodes have a derisory cost are easily interfaced because of the DE10-Nano board Arduino Header and Arduino compatibility.



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