The “Dare Mighty Things” Act

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Suppose we suddenly break ground in solving the most complicated problems in science - health care and so on. Suppose, for example, that finally a team with unlimited resources such as the one from Google find a way to buy more years to the finite human existence (and they publish it of course). Suppose that SpaceX finds a way to travel close to the speed of light. Suppose that a being from outside this world makes contact and announces they are on their way to meet us and will arrive in 10 years from now…

Such developments will only be meaningful if we have the right leadership to make the transition for the betterment of everybody.

There is no point in describing our global leadership today, the kind of collaboration that exists between the different sections – countries of our planet. In my humble opinion, before investing more effort in research and space travel and all that…we should focus our attention on cleaning our house. How can it be done?

Well, we have to select the right people for the right job. In the states if you want to work for the government you have to pass a security clearance (a very strict background investigation). Why doesn't an individual who is aspiring to become a US president have to go thought that process? It does not make any sense! A person aspiring for president should be a well qualified individual approved by many different agencies and without any bad record or dubious activities, without anything to hide, clear and transparent as it could be, without any bias and respectful to everybody and within a reasonable working age limit and a limit to his or her term also.

Therefore we must create the universal leader act (“Dare Mighty Things”) that will be eventually adopted by every nation where their leaders and their agencies and collaborators will be:

  1. Humble.
  2. Collaborative.
  3. Looking for the common well-being of their citizens and their neighboring countries.
  4. Spend at least a day per every year of their term in the most humble house of their neighboring country to learn a lesson.
  5. Help train the next generation.
  6. Care about natural resources and sustainability.

Once we have learned to work for our common benefit then we will have the ability to overcome any disadvantage that we currently have as a human race.


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