A Solar-Powered Generator with Zero Mechanical Drag Effects

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A zero counter Magneto-Motive-Force (MMF) Drag Advance Alternator Technology is a new discovery and solution in the electricity power generating system. The new machine is designed to solve the lingering problems facing all conventional alternators in the market, especially low energy efficiency and electrical load capacity limit, sustainability challenges, plus an ever demanding torque to maintain its rated voltage under load, big size of the prime-mover over alternator, cost of fueling, exhausts problem, and periodic maintenance.

To solve these challenges, research and development activities are conducted on various alternators in the market, to the extent, the car alternator because it sucks a lot of torque-Nm from the vehicle-engine mechanical power released to sustain its synchronous speed of driven machine. Apart other range of alternators powered by fossil-fuel run engines are examined and tested with various rated electrical output loads. The results shown all experienced similar challenges with capacity ranging from 1kW-10kW; plus up-to series megawatts output types run by primers like gas-turbine, wind –turbine, hydroelectric etc, once it is an alternator regardless of its prime-mover deployed; its bound to suffer from foregoing challenges and others led to using tactics and techniques at our disposal to perform various research and development activities span over 20years to solve. And arrived at a ground-breaking approach and solutions: mechanically and structurally defeated Lenz’s effect, and solve inevitable issue whenever an alternator output supply is loaded per time at Dorcasey Renewable Energy Technologies –DRET located in Ilesha –East, Osun State, Nigeria.

Significantly, research fact findings led to a small 500 Watt prototype built with a zero counter MMF drag advance alternator technology to evidence this discovery and explore its potentials to a full scale, and to maintain a zero emission added value, energy input source to the electricity power generating system preferred is Solar (free energy source). The prototype machine built was subjected to vigorous tests including stator coil winding destructive short-circuiting of output terminals done by connecting together live and neutral wires and others.
Surprisingly, the prime-mover (40W) electric-motor employed sustain all these trials without extra input energy at 17Watts from 100Wp solar PV, maintained synchronous speed plus output Voltage; no coil burnt, worked smoothly for 10 hours test under sunshine period.

Moreover, availability of untapped sunrays energy in Nigeria per square meter at over 7.5kW peak period and other countries lie on same altitude including united –states made it more robust in terms of feasibility, and again availability of free input energy required during the daytime made it superior over others. Apart, new alternator technology product variants could also runs on other prime-movers to generate electricity power: fossil-fuel engines, wind-turbine, hydro-plants, thermal-turbine plants etc, so as to extent its applications and potentials from all various mechanical systems deployed for a better utilization and sustainability.

Therefore, new alternator technology efficiency over a conventional types encouraged its scale-up approach: a solar powered perpetual motion advance 10kW (12.5kVA) electricity power generating set is proposed and widen its potential applications with overall zero emission benefit.



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    Osundahunsi Seyi Ayodele
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    The new discovery is a solar powered advance perpetual motion generator technology strictly run on solar free energy with approach/methodology/techniques are based on the following:

    1) By solving the alternator technology and its major problematic challenges- mechanical drag by negative (magnetomotive force) mmf always surface per electrical load increments and its extra demand for more torque to maintain its synchronous speed/voltage during operations pave way to zero drag mmf alternator technology and ready to be employed in the alternator manufacturing industry globally and drastically reduce greenhouse effects and others.
    2) Deployment and utilization of a 1/4 size prime-mover (Electric-Motor) to run the new zero drag alternator compared output size as the basis of the new technology advancement and novel feature.
    3) Finally, solar photovoltaic-PV energy supply is a secret and selling point in the whole technology as a main fuel source( system input energy) to run the combo electric-motor/alternator developed and transformed DC -AC electricity power output continuous sunny hours per daytime.
    4) And solar input DC energy required by the generator system developed is very low thus allowing it to run in very poor weather conditions like winter period and still maintain its power output since there is no need of torque Nm again rather synchronous speed-rpm by the prime-mover is maintained, hence influenced alternator efficiency even at 100% external electrical loads connected with negligible drag presence rather meant to assist emf induced in its stator assembly.
    5) The major competitor is solar inverter and its sub-competitor is conventional fossil-fuel run generators. While the technology readiness levels-TRLs at 6-7 innovation status, its performance during destructive-testing proven beyond doubt that it has future in the new emerging electricity energy generation technology with far advantages over its competitors.
    6) I am aware of the fact that there is a breakthrough with an excellent profile in perovskites and organic solar PV, and pockets of particular strength in thin -film PV types, greater benefit to my development towards advance electricity power generating systems focusing on decarbonization and a possible net zero future via prototypes demonstrations and commercialization.
    7) The machine can be made to run on 24hours operation via introduction of Energy Storage System- ESS to maximize its electricity power supply capacity. Such an ESS employed could be charged by a separate bank/array of solar PV panels assigned during the daytime.
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