POWERBLoK Ultracapacitor Energy Storage Solution

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The POWERBLoK system can replace the Lead, Cobalt, Cadmium, and Lithium used in common batteries with no thermal runaway risks.

Additionally per the 01/26/21 Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) assessment of the UCAP Power POWERBLoK, the anticipated greenhouse gas reduction for California is nearly 3,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions and over 60,000 metric tons in the United States annually. The anticipated greenhouse gas reduction across the United States is nearly 335,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions over a five-year period.

The POWERBLoK system offers:

  • HIGH POWER, LONG LIFE: Rated at >2,000 amps of instantaneous power. Designed for typically 15+ years of maintenance-free life in most backup and starting applications.
  • SAFE & SUSTAINABLE: Much safer and more environmentally friendly than typical batteries. Over the operating lifetime, each POWERBLoK™ can eliminate the need for several lead-acid battery replacements.
  • MODULAR & SCALABLE: Easily customize power and energy as needed by connecting modules in series or parallel, up to 150 volts.
  • EASY CONVERSION: Smaller, lighter, and much more powerful than comparable lead-acid batteries. The integrated charger plugs into universal AC or 24V DC sources common in renewable systems.

UCAP Power began to ship systems for installation in 2020 and is projecting a sales ramp over the next five years. The ramp is based on UCAP Power’s existing and anticipated orders to replace/upgrade the battery modules used to pitch blades in wind turbines with POWERBLoKs.

Near-term markets include our UP Wind group of pitch control products supporting various wind turbine sizes. Sales are through known industrial contacts, both direct and with our global distribution partner.

Medium-term markets include our UP Start group of engine start products supporting various generator and engine sizes. Providing high power, burst starting at hot and cold temperatures, the POWERBLoK is designed to scale with the need.

Long-term markets include our UP Time portfolio of products that will support UPS and industrial grid markets with frequency stabilization, peak-loading/shifting applications. Hybrid solutions with the short duration benefit of an ultracapacitor and the long duration of a battery will provide the needed bridge to low maintenance sustainable energy storage solutions.

Current available ultracapacitor based solutions are stand-alone strings of cells, usually with passive balancing. No charging solution is provided. Due to ultracapacitors having extremely low ESR, a typical battery charger will see an ultracapacitor string as a short circuit and will not operate. This is a large barrier to greater deployment of ultracapacitor based solutions. UCAP Power has solved that issue with an integrated charger that actively balances the ultracapacitor string. In addition, the POWERBLoK uses the latest chemistry cells allowing for more power in a smaller footprint. This combined with the integrated charger makes the POWERBLoK a simple installation and drop-in replacement to lead-acid and other dangerous energy storage solutions.


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