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Pollution is a powerful thing. It's hard to manage and is very bad for our Earth. My solution to this problem is a very sturdy machine I call a garbage disposal. It's built from 9 different motors just to turn into 3 different motors. Our factories use these types of DC motors every day. 3 large bars that have 3 blades each and all turn in sequence with one another, all together 9 correctly sized titanium blades in total in a large iron blender bowl looking thing. The blades very close to the bottom while all 3 bars spinning would shred garbage to nearly nothing, possibly making it reusable as some fertilizer or mulch. This would help our environment out a lot, maybe even more room for things. People might try and pick trash up rather than throw it down, giving them things to do. I believe this machine has possibilities. It would be cleaner Earth. It could make a problem just as easy as it helped. Simply by not watching what you throw in it, like metal.but any other besides chemicals and maybe ourselves wouldn't be harmful or harm the environment. It would make it a beautiful place again.


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    Dennis Philbeck
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