Hydrogen Fuel Generation

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Located in the tropical waters of the Atlantic would be a vast field of floating solar collectors, providing power for electrodes submerged in the seawater. At the cathodes, hydrogen is collected and piped to compressors and liquified for shipping. The compressors are also powered by the solar collectors.

The hydrogen can be used as a replacement fuel for gasoline and diesel, using existing technologies, or to power fuel cells. Transport and storage of the hydrogen can also use existing LNG technologies. The benefit is no carbon pollution, no expenditures of vast amounts of energy producing batteries, and no struggles to secure electrical materials such as lithium and copper.

Of course this type of project could be located anywhere, away from fisheries and main shipping routes. An equatorial location allows steady year round production. This location would allow convenient shipping to Europe and the Americas. It might also incrementally reduce the intensity of hurricanes going to the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.


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