Infrared Sourced (IRS) Heat Pump

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The Infrared (IR) Sourced Heat Pump configures state of the art directional infrared technology incorporated into the heat pump cycle to directly add trim heat to the system refrigerant in-cycle. Proprietary IR configurations and control & defrost strategies deliver necessary energy transfer at upwards of 99.7%. Proprietary "IR Sourcing (IRS)" injects heat into the temperature loop when and as needed in both Heat and Cool modes of heat pump operation across 100% of capacity ranges. Hence the IRS heat pump runs 100% absent of frost precluding reverse cycle defrost in the Heat mode. Additional in-cycle back-up heat is always present as needed real time to bolster capacity for perfectly even comfort. In the Cool mode the IR loop trim heat allows seamless in-cycle head pressure control for near infinite low ambient temperature applications. IRS precludes and supersedes all ON-OFF-REVERSE heat pump defrost, head pressure and capacity controls and strategies and greatly enhances compressor and other system component lifespans.

The IRS Heat Pump technology completely dovetails with and enhances performance versus conventional staged and variable speed (current state of the art) air, water, and ground sourced systems. IRS itself is variable capacity/output. No other type of heat pump system additive heat source and control can rival the efficiency and sheer simplicity of the multi-dimensional Infrared Sourced (IRS) Heat Pump. The IRS technology will also be employed in refrigeration, pool heating, and a variety of other ancillary and offshoot applications. HSPF (a rating of heat pump efficiency) of upwards of 15 is expected. Rating of 13 is currently the highest achievable HSPF. An efficiency increase (energy reduction) of 25%+ over current art is readily achievable. Heat pump is the vastly dominant future heating and cooling technology for developing and developed nations globally.


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