The Miracle of Lightning

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The miracle of lightning.

The power of thunder.

I believe that this invention will be superior and beneficial for all humanity by providing sustainable energy. How can lighting provide energy for usage of people? According to the research, the strike of thunder can provide energy which can supply all parts of New Jersey with energy for one generation. After this research, one question comes to mind: why we don't use lighting to get more access to energy production. One marvelous idea comes to mind, and now I want to share that project.

It consists of the followings: Firstly, there will be one special room with covering of iron and rubber and it should be safe for surrounding areas. All miracles will be inside of lighting room. There will be water in a level of 1/3 of the room. And will be equipped with artificial sun or special heating means. And the devices that control the evaporation and a needle will be placed on the top of the water. And one part of the needle is open and the other part is connected to the energy wires. And there, in order for evaporation to occur, it is carried out with the help of special devices, and the vapors must be collected in one place in order to lighting occurs. And other additional machineries to put an action this miracle correctly.

How does it work?

As we were taught at a young age, this circular movement is a part of nature, it is evaporation. First of all, the sun or a special heating system should evaporate the water. After that, after creating steam, the next thing is to collect the steam and prevent it from turning into water. For instance, steam is easy to circulate, so I gave it a certain layer. i.e. similar to the call to prayer. And I believe this will prevent evaporation. And devices from both sides help create a cloud. After the formation of clouds, it will move on the next stage, it is time to positive and negative proton and neutrons are rarefied, thunder will occurs, as the theory proved in science that lightning has a tendency to the iron body in the object. It should be tied to the exact white colored thing. The thunder does little work, and even more lightning - the high current frequency generated by the needle will transmit to a special distributor. After this process, the current is ready to be sent to the transformer and for usage of people households. This project can be the reason for revolution of energy production.


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