Production of Electricity in Return for the Release of Groundwater

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Many countries of the world are using underground water extensively. We mostly use this water for drinking or watering crops. The proposed project considers the possibility of obtaining electricity from the groundwater used.

Studies show that the city of Khanabad in the Republic of Uzbekistan is 213 meters higher than the city of Andijan, and the water pipes flowing to the city of Andijan are zigzag in order to reduce the pressure.

The city of Khanabad is considered to be the city with the highest water level in the republic, and groundwater causes a number of problems for farmers.

In the proposed project, electricity will be produced by extracting groundwater based on alternative energy sources and sending it over long distances. The melorative condition of the earth is improved in Natrija, the extracted water is delivered to places that need water, as a result of which electricity is produced.

Many countries of the world do not use enough groundwater. Almost all extracted underground water is used for consumption and irrigation of crops. We can get additional electricity from this water to meet people's energy needs.


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