Advanced Hybrid Technology for ALL Semi-Trailers and the Trucking Industry

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The problem:
We're not only solving for the current abysmal tractor-trailer 6.5 mpg mileage [$48,000 annual fuel expenditure per tractor using 2020 prices] but also enabling low cost, long distance transport, including cross country and high elevation routes, that are now impossible for e-trucks to traverse. The trucking industry spends $150B per year on fuel in the U.S., and 6.2% of all U.S. emissions come from trucks. Our system cuts that in less than half.

First off, NFTG hybridizes the tractor-trailer combination in a novel [proprietary way] – saving 60% on fuel usage. [This is twice that of Hyliion which won the prize in 2016]. One means is by incorporating regenerative braking to capture braking energy that is otherwise wasted. The foremost reason for such high savings is for the long distance and elevation differentials [too technical for this short paper] the system operates in which no competing tech is meaningfully able to address.

A secondary revenue stream is our data analytics package which engages the whole vehicle fleet in the network. Clients will know exactly what the status is (including location) of the trailer, the fleet and the underlying renewable power supply system at our disposal, driver behavior, loading vs unloading, etc. in real time.

The core solution can be leased to truckers [not just fleets] for ~$100/month/truck. [Hyliion charges $500]. The average truck will save ~$1,700, netting the fleet ~$1,200 / month / truck. The system is modular [novel means!], installs in a short time and is low cost [all proprietary details]. Another reason for the low cost is the long life, high performance, non-hazardous battery chemistry offered by our strategic partner. [NFTG plans to provide this battery for extraterrestrial apps.] Compounding the low cost is the incorporation of low cost renewable energy in a novel way [we enable broad utilization of renewables including flattening the power-demand curve of municipalities]. The system can be used with conventional trucks and even upgrades e-trucks, providing the benefits to all haulers! [For the novel approach, no competitor can do this…ever!] In the U.S. there are 6 million trailers that fit our solution, while in the rest of the world that number grows to 24 million.

Moreover, NFTG offers an increased level of stability control on the trailer itself, reducing the capability of ‘jack-knifing’ accidents by >>50%, and reduced accidents via increased braking capacity and torque vectoring [Xtreme control of wheel power & vehicle]. Theft can be preventing by locking up the vehicle wheels.

The recently imposed fuel/emission standards require tractor-trailers to achieve a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions and that all trucks built after 2021 be 24% more fuel-efficient than an equivalent truck built in 2018. Our system far surpasses these standards. NFTG can incorporate its novel Fuel Agnostic Zero Emission engine [submitted previously] which significantly improves these metrics further.

The low costs and emissions, versatility, simplicity and clean fuel utilization enable wide product acceptance and support by energy/fuel stakeholders.


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