Buoyant Container-Sets EACH Fill With Hydrogen & Oxygen Gas from Water-Electrolysis at Bottom of Tower Generating Electricity

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SENSOR Time-Released Buoyant Container-Sets EACH Fill With Hydrogen & Oxygen GAS From Electrolysis Of Water At Bottom Of Tower → Constantly Lifting UP Ropes (Cables) On Pulley-Blocks To Rotate Electric Generators To Electrolyze Water As A Constant Buoyant Gas Source.

1st Picture: View 1 Is A Closeup Of View 2’s Carbon Fiber BOND. Carbon Nanotubes In View 3 Are Grown On Fibers In 1. Nanotube Open Ends Are Hydrophilic For Electrolysis Of Water.

2nd Picture: Electrolysis Of Water From Electrodes 3 Provides Buoyant GASES: Oxygen 4 & Hydrogen 5 In Containers to LIFT Pully Cable 6 Rotating Electric Generator 7 To FILL Next Gas Container At Bottom For Constant-ENERGY.

3rd Picture: Optional Do-It-Yourself Assembly Of A Tower Filled With Water. Hexagons B & C Are Assembled BEHIND Hexagon A By Offsetting 1st Hexagon’s Point-To-Center of 2nd Hexagon, Building a Tube WITHIN a Tube To Seal Liquids In A Tower. Hexagons Build Tower Height Options.

Any Tube or Pipe supplier can provide a functional tower, so this is very easy.

Function Options: Fuel Cells can be placed on top of Tower to consume Hydrogen & Oxygen in a Fuel-Cell to Generate Electricity too, including. Hydrogen gas can be converted into POWERS that provide a "storage" method for Hydrogen energy applications. End.


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    David Zornes
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    I learned as chair of 100-Anniv of Aerospace in SAE.org that structures should be simple and optimized for production.
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