Multiplying Hydroelectric Dam’s Water Forces Many Times To Generate Electricity

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1st Picture: Multiplying Hydroelectric Dam’s Water Forces Many Times To Generate Electricity
ZERO-Carbon Goals Of Governments Can Be Reached. Battery Replacement Option.

2nd Picture: Hydroelectric Dam Turbines (Left) divide water up into 16-Liquid-Units between 16-Blades, so MANY Liquid-Units have to pass through the turbine’s 16-Blades to rotate a turbine once in Prior Art.

1st Picture: This Invention’s water filled containers fall off from the TOP of a dam wall or waterfall and land on the BOTTOM grounds where a container is emptied of water and pulled back to the TOP of the dam to be recycled an unlimited number of times. Pulling Wire-Rope down from the TOP of a dam to the BOTTOM rotates a turbine’s circular circumference around MANY times relative to the height of the dam wall. Way more than a Turbine.

EXAMPLE: A turbine’s circumference of 5-feet would rotate the generator 100-Times with a 500-foot vertical wall or “slanted” track 500-feet long.

Common Dam Wall Architecture in 2nd Picture has the Option: Containers Filled On TOP Can Store Energy.

Wildlife Fish can be captured within a water filled container moving fish UP or DOWN a Dam Wall. Sensors can determine the fish are ready to Exit or Enter an Upper Dam Reservoir. A “simple” solution for wildlife disputes. Tip Path is sourcing for Sensor Service and Hardware connection to the grid bidirectionally across the CLOUD with best method to synchronize many generators on the same Dam or Waterfall. Artificial Intelligence provides a data concentrator to CONTROL Electric Systems.


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