Zero Leak Magnetic Valves

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Valve leaks are one of industry’s most critical problems, impacting the environment, safety, and finances of end users. Valve leaks account for 60% of Fugitive Emissions, defined as rogue emissions not anticipated or routed through normal exhaust vents or smokestacks. 80% of valve leaks occur at the stem seal. The Oil & Gas Industry estimates annual product losses of $1-$2 billion annually. This is the equivalent of 72 million tons of CO2 being released into the atmosphere every year as methane and other volatiles are such potent greenhouse gases. Most valve leaks occur at the stem seal because of repetitive rotating or sliding motion along with entrained dirt, sand, and grit from the surrounding environment. Considerable time, effort, and money is spent maintaining stem seals. Leaks from the stem seal are also typically more dangerous because they lead out to the surrounding environment and people.

Our magnetic actuator completely eliminates valve stem leaks because there is no rotating or sliding stem seal at all. We have invented and patented a magnetic valve topology that employs a flux path from external magnets to a magnetizable metal core generating extremely high actuation torques to open and shut valves. Our technology works with most existing valve topologies such as Gate, Globe, Ball, Butterfly, etc. High temperature operation is now possible and the bonnet can be welded shut for truly zero emissions. We also have retrofit kits that can repair or convert an existing legacy valve without altering original design certifications, this can be done without shutting down the process line.

The global valve market is $50+ billion annually, and this technology has the potential to revolutionize the industry.



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