Hydropower NOT Requiring Outside Power Source, Just Kinetic Energy Buoyant Balls Siphoning Liquid

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1st Picture FIG 29: Hydraulic ram (hydram) is a cyclic water pump powered by hydropower that requires no outside source of power other than the kinetic energy of flowing water 701.

Inlet drive pipe 701, Free flow at waste valve 702, Outlet delivery pipe 703, Waste valve 704, Delivery check valve 705, and Pressure vessel 706.

2nd Picture: FIGS 30 & 31 illustrates multiple Siphoning tubes 730 with buoyant balls 734, 735, 736, 737, and 738 illustrated within siphon tube 731 forcing up liquid in arrow 750 & 751.

FIG 31 is Closeup VIEW of FIG 30 759: Invention teaches uniform buoyant balls are recycled in tube 741. lifting liquid up & when exiting down tube 738 buoyant balls keep liquid together adding more vacuum pull force down on water moving up from source of liquid water 750. Balls roll against TOP of “slanted” tube 731. Liquid recycles from buoyant ball forces.

3rd Picture: FIG 33 water vessel 780 has siphon tubes 781 & 782 connected to HIGH pressure water inlet ports 783 & 784 cut into vessel’s hull 787 & 788 providing hydrostatic pressure from water 790 under the surface 791 of water 790. A “powerplant” machine can be installed in box 796.

Water hydrostatic pressure is higher at bottom of vessel 780 two hull sides 787 & 788 that can be any shape & depth providing more hydrostatic forces the deeper the inlet ports 783 & 784 are under the water (ocean, lake, pond, river, water tower, hydroelectric dam etc. not just vessels.


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