Tree Generator

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My creation for the future design is a tree generator system that generates electricity Through kinetic movement and wind generating from windy weather conditions and light winds. This new tech is effective when there’s no solar energy from the sun. It also generates energy at night and is designed to withstand most rough weather conditions. It is water and freeze proof and can withstand extreme heat and dry conditions. The trees that are going to be used can either be live or manufactured artificial trees. For the artificial tree, it’s much smaller and has the devices built into it. It operates much more effectively and generates more electricity than the live ones and is also portable, lightweight and can add wire or wireless for data info analysis and configuration. For installation on the real tree an attachment of thin wires connected to sensors that collect kinetic energy from movement and a small propellant are placed throughout the trees branches to collect wind for electricity. Flimsy tree branches may be preferred for more kinetic movement because of how the branches moves from windy activity.

When the wind blows through the trees, the sensors collect energy and send a signal to computer hardware alerting of wind temperature and conditions like wind direction what direction and generating kinetic energy. The fan operates like a turbine that generates electricity from kinetic weather conditions such as strong wind. The sensors purpose is to detect and measure wind conditions and to assist on generating more energy sending it to a generator storage. The thin wires are used as a light weighted connectors attached along the branches to the sensors and fans. The fan operates like a wind turbine. Velcro is used for installIng the sensors and the fan. Velcro is a better option for installation because it can’t damage the trees branches. Velcro can be extended to reach The trees measurement of the width.

The purpose of the design is to have a renewable energy source that is mobile, lightweight, and simple to install or place. There can be Christmas and Halloween decorated features available for special seasonal occasions. It requires little maintenance or service. No real professional licenses are necessary, but a ladder might be required if you want to install on live trees that are larger and a fall harness. For the artificial trees generator, the wire, sensors and fan are built into the tree. This will give the tree a realistic look. It’s more Flemish or flexible and capable of generating more kinetic energy.

This new tech could replace solar and other energizing methods. It waste less water, is easy to install, blends in with most environments and is more realistic than a cell tower tree. Energy can be generated and resold to an energy providing company. Can be used in the farm industry either indoors or outdoors. Accessories and attachments can be very cheap to replace. There is zero waste, and broken parts can be returned for free or paid replacement.


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