Aerospace & Defense

A compact vehicle door protector and Bullet-proof Auto Shield that protects any type of vehicle such as but not limited to a car, truck, sports utility vehicle, van, aircraft, which is easy and quick to install, and removable from vehicle,

EMPIRE has been designed as a Machine Vision inspection system for small rounds to the largest ordnance in manufacture, assembly, and packaging for the use by the War Fighter. Designed as a complete inspection system, using AI/ML algorithms and Simulations, the arms manufacturer can produce exact,

Velometer is a motion detector, that, contrary to existing sensors of motion, e.g., IMU, provides continuous onboard information on position, speed and direction of the motion from within and from the motion itself.

Fabricated as the World's First Photonic Microchip,

In the creation of MEOSPS from the NASA Skylab gymnastics video ( timestamp :27 to :30 along with timestamp 1:09 to 1:21 and from the NASA Skylab movement in microgravity video (

Our proposed small cargo drone delivery system is an innovative and cost-effective solution for short intercity distances. The system consists of two types of drones, Balto and Togo, which work together to optimize the delivery process.

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