Carapace Suit for Motorcycle Riders

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Carapace suit for motorcycle riders to minimize damage to their body in case of accident

The number of fatalities involving motorcycle riders is untenable.

The motorcycle helmet provides some protection but is insufficient to reduce the damage to the rest of the body.

Given that in a catastrophic accident the rider is thrown from his/her bike we came up with a flexible suit that turns into a protective shell.

Upon impact, the helmet locks into the shoulder pads. The shoulder pads interlock with the spine brace. The arms and legs are pulled in so no flailing appendage gets damaged from the impact. Once the motorcycle suit assumes the egg shaped transformer role, the harness connecting it to the motorcycle disengages to keep the rider and the motorcycle separate.

The cable assembly is part of the outfit going from behind the rider where it is locked into the bike. It is easy to disconnect like a seat belt in a car. It is only when the rider is thrown from the vehicle that it activates the transformer option.

Most of the critical parts of the body are protected by shock absorbing pads that do not interfere with the wearer’s movement and even fashionably dispersed throughout the clothing during normal wear. It is only upon an accident that they assume the critical job of protecting the rider’s body as much as possible from damage.

Once the rider is thrown from the bike, the brake-pad like outer panels are pulled into a protective shell, the arms and legs are brought close to the torso and the resulting aerodynamic shape allows the rider to roll free of the vehicle, as scrapes are absorbed by the pads.

Once the dynamic forces have come to a stop, the rider is simply able to unfold him or herself with minimum effort.

The design can be made as fashionable as need be.


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    Balint Szent Miklosy
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