Green Universal Syringe

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One of the main challenges of using syringes for handicapped people who can only use one arm is first you need to open two packages of the syringe and the fluid medication and then adjust the needle, second you need to pump the fluid medication in to the syringe using the syringe pump and finally inject yourself. This usually takes two hands to perform and it is not easy to perform using one hand. There has been some efforts to solve this problem but all the syringe designs are not cost wise for mass production because the target customers are not considerable when compared to all other able bodied aimed syringe. But what if we change that by making the entire syringe the same by supplying all function syringe (for disabled and abled) people to use by storing the fluid medication in to the syringe without making the syringe larger than the current which decreases the packaging need for both the syringe and the fluid medication.

In this new syringe there will not be any need of needle protective cover saving plastic packaging, less plastic consumption because the spring uses less plastic material than the standard rigid pump, no need of fluid medication storage material and packaging because the syringe can contain maximum amount of drug sold in one bottle of packaging, cost feasible for mass production.

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