Circular Economics of Bricks

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This project is about utilization of new approach for demolition that does not destroy bricks so that they can be usable without going any process after the demolition process to build new buildings or housings by utilization of water jet cutting machine to separate the cement that connect each brick together to form a wall. The separation process is simple, it is mainly applying a highly pressurized waste water in between the four sides of each brick to remove the cement that acts as adhesive that holds the brick together. This will enable us save bricks from getting destroyed in the process of demolition that will create new circular economy that can reuse bricks in every construction.

Cutting with a water jet is a method of engineering for cutting objects using the energy from high speed, high density, ultra-high-pressure water. The water is pressurized to a maximum 392 MPa (approximately 4,000 atmospheres) and projected from a small-bore nozzle (Φ0. 1 mm). This is way more than enough to cut through a dried cement in matter of seconds in any thickness and size. Applying this technology to separate bricks when demolition is taking place will save huge carbon foot print and cost of new bricks to build new building structures. The main down side of this project is utilization of water but this can be also taken in to advantage by using waste water from any sector with out filtration which increase the advantage because most waste water needs to be filtered to be used.


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