Rotary Crop

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Roughly speaking for agriculture (top layer soil), soil is 25% water, 25% air, 45% mineral, 5% other; water varies widely from about 1% to 90% due to several retention and drainage properties of a given soil. Meaning because of gravity and other factors water lost moving downward and evaporation. Imagine if there is limited water to grow crops and plants, what will be do? Luckily I have the answer.

This project is about new kind of plant growing mechanism that utilizes water 100%. This is done by using a standing octagonal piping system containing soil inside of it having plants placed at each side as seen in the figure which is a front view. As seen in the whiteboard drawing, watering the eight plants is done on the top opening of the structure. Then because of gravity water travel downward watering the side and bottom plants in both right and left sides. As the water starts to cumulate on the bottom area as seen in the drawing, we turn the octagonal structure 180 degrees so that the top of the octagonal piping will be at the bottom. This will reverse the movement of the water accumulated at the bottom watering the sides and bottom again. This system will be repeated until all the water inside the soil will be absorbed and used by the eight plants consuming the water 100%. The center of the octagonal piping structure is attached to a rotary bearing system which can be either manual or automatic depending upon power availability.

This will be very efficient way in area where water is scarce but if this project will be used as an only option in the future, we are doomed.


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