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How much is acceptable cost to save a single tree from wildfire? What is the value of a single tree in a forest? Answering this question will be a vantage point for the validity of this project.

If your answer matches the cost of this single product, then it is a game charger!!!

This project is about building a cheap structure that can be installed on the trunk of every tree that can collect and store rain water to act as a primarily self-defense against wildfire to put out the fire using the collected and stored rain water without the need of human intervention. As seen in the first draft white board drawing, a light but durable hollow like cone structure is installed on every tree at average elevation of the steam and as rain comes the water will be collected because the structure will force some of rain water inside of it. As time passes, since the leaves of the tree block much of the sunlight evaporation will be low saving the stored rain water being consumed. When fire breaks out in the forest, each trees will save themselves using the stored water because the cumulative of stored rain water at each tree will be enough to control or limit the fire from escalating because moisture is an enemy of fire.


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    Anteneh Gashaw
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