Anti-Campfire Wildfire

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One of the reasons wildfires start is camping fire. A campfire is a fire at a campsite that provides light and warmth, and heat for cooking. Many devastating wildfires are known to be started as a result of poor camp fire management as seen in this wildfire incident below.

This project is about building a small device that is used to give steam warmth, light and cooking heat with low fire while providing humidity in the air surrounding the fire which will be isolated from the ground. The basic principle of this mechanism is based on the fact that steam contains more energy than hot air. This is due to the additional energy stored in the form of phase change, along with the greater specific heat capacity of steam. If you combine this principle with humidity, which makes it hard for wildfire to spread, you get perfect and safe conditions for a campfire.

Meaning in this mechanism campfire warmth is delivered in the form of steam which will also keep in check the camping fire that is used to turn the water to the steam. The water is stored in the pipe that surrounds the campfire which will be enough in small volume because since the system is enclosed pressure and lower temperature can create the steam. While doing so the campers can cook and use the fire as a light source.


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