Water Bucket Overflow Collector

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It is estimated that 7%-10% of water supplied is lost due to water bucket overflow during water collation and water transportation due to common momentary negligence when the water reaches at the top level and motion of the water bucket at hand transportation. There have been some developments of product to solve this but they are not feasible because the solutions bases on selling additional equipment to be installed that are not favored by the market and add cost to it.

This project is about adding small structure that can collect the overflow water to be utilized during water collection and transportation with smallest added system as it can be. As seen in the initial concept drawing, during water collection the smallest volume of water that overflow due to momentary negligence will be stored on the added structure and also the small over flow water that is ejected from the water bucket during the transportation from collection site to utilization place, it will be stored in the same structure to be used saving the 7%-10% overflow water waste.

For more information please visit https://hackaday.io/project/191734-water-bucket-overflow-collector


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    Anteneh Gashaw
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