Entrant Profile

Muhammad Rehan Siddiqi

Location: Melbourne, Victoria Australia

Company: RMIT University

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: Initial inspiration came from a course i did in Masters work the course named " innovation and design". I planned the whole project from finding the 1) Social, 2) Economic and 3) Technological factors. That lead me to believe that there was gap that required to be filled and the problem with the existing boot lid was that it was not safe, low in space and difficult to load and unload things into it. Hence, i thought how convertible cars use the boot and motors to actually remove a roof in the vehicle and put it back on. so why not we can simply do the same thing with the boot lid and plus additionally have the rear window also slide up to the roof to provide more space while providing safety.

2021 Entries

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06/09 Watch Ur Back 2.0 Automotive/​Transportation 56 2