Watch Ur Back 2.0

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The current boot lid design of cars is not ensuring safe, secure loading and unloading of equipment in cars. Hence, I have come up with an innovative mechanical design solution that allows safe, secure loading and unloading of equipment in cars. With the help of magnetic tracks, magnetic contacts, hinges and DC motors.

The new boot lid design AKA "Watch Ur Back 2.0" allows the complete boot lid together with the rear window to submerge on top of the roof of a car. Allowing the user to have enough space and safety to load or unload their equipment without having the scare that the boot lid might hit them on the head, or hit some other nearby car, or end up injuring other people in the parking lot.

The new design uses simple magnetic contacts and DC motors to complete the action in three steps, which are:

  1. Dislodging of the boot lid automatically to a 45 degree position.
  2. Demagnetization of the rear window to allow the rear window to sit on it until reaching parallel to the roof of the car.
  3. Rolling of the rear window and the boot lid on top of the roof of the car using simple 2 DC motors.

This allows the user to actually look at there vehicles backside in a frontal view while loading there equipment in the boot, rather than having there backs faced to unknown accidents that may eventually happen when loading or unloading there equipment.

For further clarity of the design please do have a look at the video and the illustrations provided in this submission.


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    Muhammad Rehan Siddiqi
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    30-50% of the pollution or power usage comes from our buildings this number keeps on increasing especially after COVID-19 pandemic (people under lock down working remotely). Additionally it is known that solar technology has now started producing 50-60% efficiency and with this technology being one of the leading renewable energies in the world and when we know very well the sun's equation for predicting its position in the earth. so why not deploy the solar cells alongside our windows and best of all make the buildings to rotate in order to increase its efficiency to produce more green power.

    Also my simulation results in LabView show that dynamic rotating buildings will reduce electricity consumption by more than 80% if building are made to rotate and follow the sun's path indicating that our stationary buildings are much less efficient and by simply only rotating the panels to the sun's path does not fully exploit the full potential of the solar renewable technology.
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