Entrant Profile

Ryan Hamze

Location: Wichita, Kansas United States

Company: Aabey LLC

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Hobbies and activities: Hydroponic solutions.

Inspired by: Ryan Hamze is an enterprise technology expert with over a decade of leadership experience in the manufacturing industry. A multi-lingual perpetual learner and philanthropist with an insatiable appetite to evolve his technical skillset and contribute to his community’s wellbeing. Caux (Initiatives of Change - Switzerland) taught Ryan to remain grounded by addressing humanitarian issues
•Founded ‘Aabey LLC’ beginning of the pandemic, as a for-profit organization that promotes environmentally friendly sustainable solutions that contribute to addressing famine-stricken and disaster-struck communities by bridging the Hydroponics and IIoT fields.
•Co-founded 'The Dream Matcher', an online and offline social platform that matches people with dreams with those that can make that dream come true.
•Active volunteer, blogger, writer, mentor, and community contributor.

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