MHIoTF Modular Hydroponic IoT Farm

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Aabey LLC’s mission is to address global food scarcity by fusing 2 innovative industries, technology and agriculture.

It is a minority-owned startup trying to bridge the gap between Technology and Hydroponics, by integrating IIoT design methodologies that transform age-old farming processes into environmentally friendly smart-hydroponic greenhouses. This will enable minimizing water use and other resources, allowing communities to address the growing problem of hunger and malnutrition across the world, and eventually adopt these proven and sustainable methodologies into mankind’s interplanetary strategy.

The vision for a long-term solution is achieved is by creating an online and offline platform that nurtures a community-driven initiative to mitigate famine-stricken regions and natural disaster zones.

Sustainable Technology: the Modular Hydroponic IoT farm
This product is a shipping container that contains technology that can be ‘activated’ remotely, shipped via land or sea, powered by renewable energy, and deployable by organizations such as the UN or the US National Guard.

These units are made of 95%+ recycled materials, and each unit can provide 7 people (1-2 families) with fresh farm produce, drinkable water, fresh fish, a water filtration system, renewable energy source, geothermal temperature control options, and instructions on maintaining/expanding the MHIoT into the surrounding environment taking into consideration what little resources are available.

These mobile permaculture hydro farms are fully controlled by technology in a closed ecosystem and are designed with the intent to arm the receivers with enough knowledge and training to capitalize on a modular expansion of the product to grow beyond the walls of the MHIoTF.

It’s like a seed you send to a friend – just water and hey, instant farm!

MHIoTF Contents:
Growing Lettuce or tomatoes, freshwater, fresh Tilapia fish, solar panels, reading material, toolbox with shower/toilet kit and all tools needed to maintain the MHIoTF, and most importantly a shipping container that can be reused as an emergency shelter!

Sending bottled water, rice and wads of cash really don’t help anyone in the long run.

Just imagine if FEMA deployed 30 of these MHIoTF containers after Hurricane Katrina hit in NOLA or if the UNICEF sent 150 units to each famine-stricken African village, or if the Vatican donated 50 units into the crumbled economy of Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and every MENA refugee camp.

Building a community around sustainable & eco-friendly humanitarian products allows Aabey LLC to focus on the horizon where solutions can be built for even the worse of environments; Famine-stricken villages, deserts, disaster-struck areas, and even spaceship bubbles headed Mars.



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    Ryan Hamze
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Hydroponic solutions.
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    Ryan Hamze is an enterprise technology expert with over a decade of leadership experience in the manufacturing industry. A multi-lingual perpetual learner and philanthropist with an insatiable appetite to evolve his technical skillset and contribute to his community’s wellbeing. Caux (Initiatives of Change - Switzerland) taught Ryan to remain grounded by addressing humanitarian issues
    •Founded ‘Aabey LLC’ beginning of the pandemic, as a for-profit organization that promotes environmentally friendly sustainable solutions that contribute to addressing famine-stricken and disaster-struck communities by bridging the Hydroponics and IIoT fields.
    •Co-founded 'The Dream Matcher', an online and offline social platform that matches people with dreams with those that can make that dream come true.
    •Active volunteer, blogger, writer, mentor, and community contributor.
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