Entrant Profile

Ricardo Rodrigez Aranciva

Location: San Luis - Capital, San Luis Argentina


Profession: Doctor

Inspired by: I am a physician specializing in pediatrics and hypertension. Since the beginning of my training as a physician, I was confronted daily and persistently with a frustrating difficulty in medical practice, particularly in pediatrics: when it came to monitoring the health of children and physical examination of patients in general, physicians were faced with the difficulty of not having the right cuff for each patient, since at the time of care they had one or two cuffs, and perhaps a 3rd, 4th, 5th or more different cuffs were needed. Therefore, blood pressure could never be taken with the right cuff for each patient .
In addition to this, among other things that happened were:
•The tediousness of choosing the right cuff- Due to limb measurements for their corresponding selection Ex: arm circumference and arm length.
•Usually in hospital and clinic wards there was the availability of a single standard blood pressure monitor for all patients, whether thin, normal, obese and hyperobese.
•It was also often seen that, as a consequence of the above, patients were observed to have a painful face due to inadequate cuffs, poor condition or design of the cuffs, which made the procedure very painful, itself raising the blood pressure.
My objective with this development is that at professional and even domestic levels, in the same way that blood pressure is taken by a professional, people have the possibility of being able to measure their blood pressure with an accurate and quality device, as this would decrease the bad measurements and subsequent false diseases or undiagnosed diseases.

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