Entrant Profile

Raghunath Sai Katragadda

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan United States

Company: BASF

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: Catia, Solidworks, Ansys, Abaqus, Hypermesh, Optistruct, ANSA, GMSH, Meshlab, ISight

For managing CAD data Raghunath Sai's company uses: SolidWorks PDMWorks

Hobbies and activities: Formula 1 enthusiast, Gadget tech, Gaming

Online communities: linkedin, medical device group, cae, asme, sae

Inspired by: The need to identify and capture the needs of consumers motivates my designs. A simple design is a most complicated design to achieve. It should cut across professional boundaries for ease of use and understanding.

2010 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
05/05 Device for Endoscopic Treatment of Upper GI Bleed Medical 4319 2