Entrant Profile

Shantanu Mishra

Location: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India

Company: Tata Consultancy Services

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Hobbies and activities: My key areas of Interest is Automobile and Aerospace. I am currently working in the Aerospace domain. I like to research in these fields to come up with ideas that have the potential to revolutionize these industries and the ones that are coming up.

Online communities: SAE-India
SAE-International Journal of Aerospace

Inspired by: I got the initial concept for this design when my team had participated in a National Motorsport event. The race-track in that event was full of tight corners. Vehicles trying to corner at high speeds usually went out of control due to loss of stability. This inspired me to begin a research on studying the vehicle dynamics of Automobiles during extreme maneuvers and the Techniques to stabilize their handling characteristics incorporated through existing Electronic stability control (ESC) systems. The objective was to investigate the control parameters that influence the improvements in vehicle stability like wheel slip, spark ignition timing and Active differential control etc. that are conventionally used and finding out alternative solutions to improve the vehicle performance which can otherwise be only minimized using conventional ESCs. We came up with the idea of a dynamically varying wheelbase for vehicles and proposed a Mathematical Model for designing the control scheme. This research of ours was a part of the SAE 2013 Brake Colloquium and Exhibition in San Diego. (paper no 2012-01-1829)