Entrant Profile

Shawn Boike

Location: Long Beach, CA United States

Company: American Industrial Co.

Profession: Scientist

Number of times previously entering contest: 3

Favorite design and analysis tools: Catia, Solidworks, COMSOL, Mouser Electronics, NASTRAN,

Hobbies and activities: Aerospace-flying planes, Boating, Motorcycling...

Online communities: NSS, AIA, AIAA, Air Force Assoc, NSF, NASA, SAMPE

Inspired by: Seeing the need for a solution and researching the latest Technologies to help solve such problems. On the Energy From Space Systems we had proposed it in 1989 when I was @ GDSS, I've kept up on it then expanded it to save the US Dollar & our World's Future.

2014 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
06/27 Energy From Space Systems Sustainable Technologies 2799 1