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Richard Chutter

Location: Round Pond, ME United States

Company: Enova.

Inspired by: I have prostate cancer. As I sought more information, I realized that basic cancer cell information was appearing late in the game. For example, a little over a year ago, I read that stem cell matter was discovered in a cancer cell and also that "Dark Matter" was described as a ball of yarn which when unraveled was made up of just switches and receptors. Later when they rewound the dark matter they discovered that many switches were opposite receptors. This was all late in arriving. Cancers are a very complex issue. In my opinion it requires a complex infrastructure to unravel these complexities and associations. Some of the tools that were developed for one cancer could be used in other areas. A worldwide database is essential AND equally important is the software that ties the seemingly unrelated data into meaningful solutions. Coordination is essential for all those working in the cancer arena. The proposed process is much like what the FBI has done to identify faces and what Facebook uses to match potential customers to products. Too many people are affected by cancer not to take this critical action!

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06/30 World Cancer Cell Database Medical 2253 8