Entrant Profile

Nissim Zur

Location: Givataim, Tel Aviv Israel

Company: Elinistech

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Favorite design and analysis tools: presents an Artificial Intelligence auto learning, early auto diagnostic, auto alert vital signs wireless Plaster. It can be used for real-time monitoring of ECG, Respiratory rate and temperature in patients. The proposed device is a light weight plaster, attached to the chest. It has several sensors, ECG, 3D Accelerometer for chest respiratory rate. body position and patients activity, skin temperature, hand proximity sensor and proximity to smart phone or any wireless recipient.
It can wirelessly transmits, while on “event”, the patient’s ECG signal with all data stored from other sensors, to mobile phone or to wireless mesh device around it.
The device runs several processes in parallel that store all data from sensors and in parallel by an Artificial Intelligence engine, all aggregated sensors data, patient’s history from internet, Aggregates patient’s current activities as sleeping, walking, exercising, with gathered data from the internet and deciding to fire a alert

Hobbies and activities: Volunteering R&D for technologies to assist aging

Online communities: IOT design as BTL see https://goo.gl/Xt8rkw

Inspired by: People's needs.
Use of the new tools for Internet Of Things ("IoT") , Bluetooth Smart , smart phone and the power of Artificial Intelligence to simulate and extended the limitation of human doctors for better health care and early detection of hart condition and problems that evolved on elderly people as pre falling or injury.

Our company profile
Elinistech is a design house for Internet of Things ("IoT") done by Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi devices.
The company is located in two R&D centers in Israel - Givataim and Zofit.

Elinistech is focused on transforming a variety of common home/office/smart-cities/health products into devices that comply with internet Of Things ("IoT") needs. Being greener, smarter, controlled by smart phones or unique stand allow Bluetooth Smart-Wi-Fi-Bridge, has the ability to be controlled from internet and to collect big data information.

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07/01 An Artificial Intelligence Wireless Vital Signs Plaster Medical 4851 5