Entrant Profile

Anya Babbitt

Location: Detroit, Michigan United States

Company: SPLT

Profession: Business Owner/Manager

Number of times previously entering contest: 1

Inspired by: The idea has evolved and grown over time, but it first came about four years ago when Anya was working in Los Angeles and staying at a hotel. She took the hotel shuttle back and forth every day until one day it was completely booked. She "split" the ride that day with two other guests at the hotel and the birth of SPLT. The sharing of rides, ideas helped bring the first version of SPLT – an app for people traveling in the same direction to share the cost of a taxi in urban areas. Anya wrote her thesis on the reduction of carbon emissions and after living in Los Angeles and New York City, two of the most congested cities in our nation, it was the right time for her to focus on reformatting cities through innovations in technology.

Most of all, our customers inspire us to build out our product further to fit their needs. The stories we hear of how SPLT is impacting and becoming a part of daily life is all the motivation we need to design towards the future of transportation and smart cities. Last, our vision is to change the way people meet and move worldwide by providing reliable, affordable mobility access for all.