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Iskender Kutlucinar

Location: Kensington, Maryland United States

Company: Partech, LLC.

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Favorite design and analysis tools: Machining.

Hobbies and activities: Designing Engines

Online communities: SAE

Inspired by: One of my US Patented designed was used by Mercedes Formula 1 engineers for racing. They used it in Europe until my patent expired on September of 2016 and Mercedes came to US to race on November of 2016! My 1994 design is basically separating the intake and exhaust turbines from each other, eliminate the turbo housing and use long rod thru engine head or engine block so intake side doesn't heat up by exhaust heat release to the housing, this way the heat is released to head or block, this allows using smaller inter coolers (intake is already cooler) minimizing the frontal drag and giving the F1 car higher top speeds. Every magazine wrote about it as Mercedes Magic Engine but I did not get any recognition even I wrote to these magazines and included the Patent. This made me to go forward with my SVPC engine design, Thank you very much.
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2017 Entries

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05/18 Single Valve Per Cylinder Engine (SVPC) Automotive/​Transportation 3890 1