Entrant Profile

Mukesh Rai

Location: Pune, Maharashtra India


Profession: Student

Favorite design and analysis tools: For design :solidwork
For analysis: AltairHyperwork

Hobbies and activities: Reading research article and playing cricket

Inspired by: Problems solved:
•At present car drivers have to manage many things while driving and problem related to these are: -
i)User has to actuate clutch pedal, change gear through gear sifting lever, and steer with steering wheel along with keeping his eye on the traffic at the same time. This whole situation is a very complicated and often creates confusion in the mind of driver.
ii)To control the headlights and door glass opening, user need to turn on or turn off various switches.
iii)Various pedals have to be pressed for braking, acceleration and clutch disengagement again and again which is a tiresome job.
iv)The motion of pedals is passed on to the main actuators through various mechanical linkages which take space and also add extra weight. These linkages are subjected to wear and tear leading to failure in long run.
v)Use of feet for actuating pedal often leads to health related problem pertaining to leg in long run

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06/30 Smart Steering Wheel For Car Controls Automotive/​Transportation 3692 7