Smart Steering Wheel For Car Controls

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We humans are developing things to make our work easier with the help of technology. With the advancement in technology every year, new changes are seen everywhere.

Car controls is one of the fields which needs change in terms of mode of operation, flexibility and maintenance. Today we are using pedals to control the movement of our car and these are: accelerator, brake and clutch. We are proposing a system based on a drive by wire concept where controls take place through human machine interface. We are going to build a smart steering wheel which will control the car. By using this we are getting rid of pedals which in turn helps in reducing the weight of mechanical linkages and response time.

Our steering wheel will be hydraulically powered to assist steering. Some of the control features in our smart steering wheel are based on human natural responses. Our steering wheel consists of pressure sensors which are placed in a specially designed position (in between the projected portion of the gripper on the wheel). The controls take place through various actions performed by the driver on the steering wheel like pressing the wheel tightly and expeditiously lead to emergency braking, applying pressure by one of the fingers more than the other on sensors in order to turn headlight on or changing gears. Different operations will be performed by pressing different fingers of our hands. The output from the sensor will be given to embedded system: microcontroller. Microcontroller will decide which action to perform according to the predefined information coded in it. It is going to control the operation of various actuators which in turn are going to control the car.

The steering wheel will have a camera fitted in the center portion which is going to monitor the facial expression of the driver and alert the driver when it observed some anomaly (liked dozing at the wheel, driving while drunk). The alert will be in the form of vibration of the whole steering wheel which is going to be pre equipped with vibrating alarm motor. The alarm will also be raised in case when the grip on the steering wheel is loosening up for more than a set time limit. Camera will have additional feature for facial recognition which is responsible for starting the engine when face matches otherwise the car will remain in shut off position.

All pressure sensors along with camera installed are going to provide security and easy control of the car.

With this system, we aim to control the accidents and problems caused by existing system for control of the car. The goal of this system is to save lives by reducing the response time.


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    Mukesh Rai
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    Rohit Singh : B.E. Mechanical, AIT PUNE Manjeet Singh : B.E. Mechanical,AIT PUNE Ravi Joshi : B.E. Mechanical, AIT PUNE Naveen Sharma: B.E. E&TC, AIT PUNE Mahesh Kasana: B.E. IT, AIT PUNE
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    •At present car drivers have to manage many things while driving and problem related to these are: -
    i)User has to actuate clutch pedal, change gear through gear sifting lever, and steer with steering wheel along with keeping his eye on the traffic at the same time. This whole situation is a very complicated and often creates confusion in the mind of driver.
    ii)To control the headlights and door glass opening, user need to turn on or turn off various switches.
    iii)Various pedals have to be pressed for braking, acceleration and clutch disengagement again and again which is a tiresome job.
    iv)The motion of pedals is passed on to the main actuators through various mechanical linkages which take space and also add extra weight. These linkages are subjected to wear and tear leading to failure in long run.
    v)Use of feet for actuating pedal often leads to health related problem pertaining to leg in long run
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