Entrant Profile

Pratik Gaikwad

Location: Pune, Maharashtra India

Company: MITCOE

Profession: Student

Favorite design and analysis tools: Autodesk Fusion 360

Hobbies and activities: Designing, Singing

Inspired by: Presently, all over India, roads are made by mixing bitumen and asphalt material together. It is very important to follow a proper procedure and proportion while making of asphalt for making a strong and long lasting structure. For this purpose, huge rocks are the first basic thing used. Bitumen used for making roads is just melted at road side. The fumes released while heating it, are just left in atmosphere without treating, which is really harmful. The roads formed by this technique are not uniform and neither long-lasting.

The innovative concept of LIDAR sensors based machine can be used to detect the ruptured surface and cracks. The sensors sense the depth of potholes and make a computerized map of the surface, this data is given to gates to control flow of asphalt and bitumen through it, so that the roads formed are of uniform level.

2017 Entries

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06/21 LIDAR Road Paver Machinery/​Automation/​Robotics 1313 2