Entrant Profile

David Wilson

Location: Lafayette, Indiana United States

Company: Mobile Agricultural Power Solu

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: The origin of the project was the request of a Cameroonian non-governmental organization to Purdue University to collaborate on the design of a utility vehicle that could be manufactured out of locally available materials in Cameroon. A student design team took on the project and after years of design iterations, the robust design of the AgRover emerged. As a member of the team, I saw the potential of such a vehicle for great impact in developing countries. Although a few prototypes implemented through the university could make a difference, we knew that we had to harness the power of the market to reach scale and have greater impact. With the goal of transforming the lives of millions of smallholder farmers, I and several other students decided to start a company to scale up the technology. When I see the hard, manual labor that farmers perform on a daily basis, I’m re-inspired to continue to see our vision become a reality.

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