Entrant Profile

Howard Moskowitz

Location: White Plains, New York United States

Company: Mind Genomics Advisors LLC

Profession: Scientist

Inspired by: I am 74, with a 50 year career. I began creating and optimizing foods as a scientist, leading to horizontal segmentation (see Malcolm Gladwell's TED talk about me, Choice, Happiness, Spaghetti Sauce).

I migrated my technology to understand ideas and messaging. I first used the technology to develop new categories like mechanical toothbrushing.

I have changed course, to 'give back to make a better world for everyone, not just business.' During the past 20 years I have moved into the social/education world, creating technologies to understand people's minds, promoting health, education, peace.

I have made this into an APP, BimiLeap, giving ALL the world's people to use this technology to increase their well being and have a chance at more fulfilling life.

This entry is simply one example of how the Mind Genomics technology can significantly reduce medical costs, improve outcomes, at a very low cost, and virtually no risk. It is one of many examples that I have to share with the world.