Reducing Medical Costs by Improving the ‘Heath/Wellness’ Experience using Mind Genomics®

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A better understanding of the mind of the person should produce a healthier person through messages, and better medical experiences when the person comes to the health system. We present a system which reveals what aspects of the continuum of health/wellness are important, which are not (Fig1.) We show the possibility that across many of these experiences people differ, falling into different mind-sets, unique for each experience. Knowing SPECIFICALLY what is important to each mindset for each experience allows a better perhaps optimum experience for the patient. Identifying the mind-set of a patient for each experience enables personalization of medical treatment, with the potential for better outcomes in health, and better bottom lines commercially. Data from a 2-year experiment shows a reduction from 17% to 5% hospital readmission, using discharge messaging based on Mind Genomics (Fig2,3.)

What it is, how it is done, how it scales
Mind Genomics studies how people react to the everyday world. Mind Genomics dissects specific experiences in any topic area into components, identifies different acts and messages, and uncovers ideas, acts, messages, which drive consumer response versus which are irrelevant.

Mind Genomics® comes to the scientific world with a different worldview. Rather than hypothesizing how the world ‘might work,’ Mind Genomics® offers the organizing principle that it is here to ‘map the dimensions of experience.’ There is no need to offer a hypothesis, and spend the experiment proving or disproving that hypothesis. It is sufficient to identify a topic area, e.g., healthcare compliance, map out the different ideas in this topic area through phrases, and then determine which of the different ideas appeal to consumer respondents versus which turn them off. The result is a description of a small corner of the consumer mind. Mind Genomics® maps that corner, identifying how ideas work in the consumer’s head. Mind Genomics® is thus a ‘cartography of the mind,’ purely empirical, focusing on specifics (bottom-up), generating testable, actionable direction. Metaphorically, Mind Genomics® creates ‘cognitive genes,’ and the mental genotype, and works with the mind-types controlling behavior. We created a tool to identify into which mindset a prospect falls, called the Viewpoint Identifier (VPI).

Scaling up to ‘industrial strength’
Our goal is to create the Mind Genomics® of the health/wellness experience by executing 10-15 of these ‘experience studies,’ with 500 respondents each. These experiences cover the range from young people interacting with doctors to situations in the doctor’s office, financial situations, treatment at hospitals, encouraging compliance, and so forth. The outcome is a database of motivations underlying health/wellness/illness experiences, what communications are effective for the total population, the discovery of different ‘mind-sets’ within the population, and appropriate messaging for each mind-set. The result is matching the message to the mind-set, to increase the efficacy of health/wellness/related communications from the health professional to the consumer. The goal to lower overall health costs by increasing compliance, creating a positive health experience at the various person-medicine touchpoints.


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    Howard Moskowitz
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    Howard Moskowitz
    Steve Onufrey (deceased)
    Kenneth Rotondo
    Sam Palazzole
    Bert Krieger
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    I am 74, with a 50 year career. I began creating and optimizing foods as a scientist, leading to horizontal segmentation (see Malcolm Gladwell's TED talk about me, Choice, Happiness, Spaghetti Sauce).

    I migrated my technology to understand ideas and messaging. I first used the technology to develop new categories like mechanical toothbrushing.

    I have changed course, to 'give back to make a better world for everyone, not just business.' During the past 20 years I have moved into the social/education world, creating technologies to understand people's minds, promoting health, education, peace.

    I have made this into an APP, BimiLeap, giving ALL the world's people to use this technology to increase their well being and have a chance at more fulfilling life.

    This entry is simply one example of how the Mind Genomics technology can significantly reduce medical costs, improve outcomes, at a very low cost, and virtually no risk. It is one of many examples that I have to share with the world.
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    Proprietary technology developed by Howard Moskowitz (IdeaMap, Mind Genomics)
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