Entrant Profile

Noriel Estipular

Location: Cabanatuan City, Central Luzon Philippines


Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: The study was connected in the National Framework on Climate Change in 2020 to design an innovative resilient housing for the Filipino. The INFINITY is a community complex composed of eight condominium buildings, a green park and commercial complex. Infinity develops communities that are resilient and empowered by giving the birth of a living house to be an asset of the nation to the millennium issue of climate change. The prospect is to make a community which is a life sustaining home from its architectural, structural, water supply facilities and electrical aspect to survive from the risk of the climate change.
The project envisions a climate risk resilient Philippines with healthy, safety, prosperous, self-reliant communities, productive ecosystem, simultaneously grow the economic development of the country in renewable use of energy. And to fulfill the human needs while maintaining the quality of the natural environment for current and future generation.
SIBOL Project is a new form of residential building in which adaptable architectural designs can be combined with intelligent technologies and construction materials. As one of the main themes of the “A building as a living thing for living being”, these constitute an architectural pilot project, using four exemplary building types to show how new technological approaches can be translated into a forward looking architectural language, and traditional techniques reinterpreted.
As its starting point for the SIBOL Project theme, the researcher presented the following basic ideas. Smart materials are active, with a transformative character. They respond to changing environmental conditions. In an intelligent interaction with “smart technologies”, this process can be extended to the level of networked building services, and can monitor and optimize the energy and material maintenance.
For this purpose, the existing categories of materials must be considered afresh, because smart materials, being active, take on opposing properties and functions at different times. Material and technological innovations in architectural history were always associated with a fundamental change in what architecture could and should be. These days, it can be observed that sustainability is the background to many design decisions.