Entrant Profile

Manu Gupta

Location: Sunnyvale, California United States

Company: Aspiring Investments Corp

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Inspired by: Imagine an inspiring, impact idea or dream that needs the support of a global community to become real. We believe that we have an ambitious design -- and the vision, pragmatism and leadership to make it a reality.
EMR as Service is a technology solution designed specifically to address the needs of the medical eco-system comprising of hospitals, laboratories, patients, R&D organizations and improve the operational efficiencies. Open Source software, hardware, devices, tools and APIs ensure that the community and us keep improving the system for the benefit of all. Simple and easy to navigate user interface, in-depth use of AI, open design with APIs ensure that the software and hardware stack stays ahead of the competition and enables better functioning of the medical hemisphere rather than be a maintenance burden. Addresses an immediate market .

2018 Entries

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07/03 EMR as a Service Medical 397 0