EMR as a Service

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A tremendous number of imaging studies accompanied by radiological reports are accumulated and stored in hospitals' PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) in the form of electronic medical records. EMRs have potential to transform our medical system, clinical decision-making, and provide evidence of policies and support the hospitals in cases of litigation.

Using our solution EMR as a service we will create a platform which will help in legitimate storage of medical records, records movements etc. EMRs will help in data cleansing, creating EMR, records legibility and coordination with pharmacies, diagnostic clinics in case when movement of medical records is needed. The EMR application can be accessible using Internet browser, all the data will be on cloud and accessible everywhere and anywhere within the hospital or medical premises.

Using ORTHANC, an open source light weight DICOM server, and its REST API to query and retrieve patient’s data and radiology reports from a medical institution. The information retrieved will be cleansed and converted into DICOM image format. DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. This file format is created to distribute and view medical images using a standardized file format.

EMR as a service provides:
a. Creation of radiology files in DICOM format, examination reports and patient’s medical records from hospital visits. DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. This file format is created to distribute and view medical images using a standardized file format.
b. Cleansing and validation of in-bound patient data available as medical images and examination reports.
c. EMR movement across different hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies on requirement basis using:
i) ORTHANC as an open source and light weight DICOM server for medical imaging, querying and retrieving patient’s data and radiology reports from a medical institution.
ii) An inbound web application for viewing medical examination reports and patient records. Complex applications can be built with ORTHANC Rest API
d. Authentication, authorization using unique SSN (social security number) for legitimately storing the medical records.

The EMR as a service is subscription based model which can be utilized for storing, sharing and cleansing medical records. Anyone can be the customer including hospitals, pharmacies and the patients.

The portal will provide the following benefits.
Cloud interface for storing Medical data on the Cloud. Bulk query and retrieval methods which will provide real and just-in time information.
Separate interfaces for Radiologists/Doctors and Patients/Consumers
A web interface for allowing Patients/Radiologists to upload data
Ability to comment on a diagnosis and reports which has been shared by another doctor
Ability for patients to share their profiles/reports with Doctors they chose
Collaboration to allow different Doctors to work on same patient simultaneously
Collaboration to allow patients to view online Doctors closest to their location and
allow them to chat and take advice
Mobile Application to perform all these services through mobile
Emergency Healthcare Services
Sharing secured and legitimate information digitally will improve healthcare industry, save cost and life.



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    Manu Gupta
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    Deepti Kotwal : Associate Developer Consultant with technical expertise of 4.5 years. The key skill areas are SAP UI5, FIORI, SAP Hana Cloud platform, ABAP and Java. I am very passionate about Open source technologies and firmly believe that technology can help to improve healthcare and the related services significantly.

    Manu Sheel Gupta - Manu Sheel Gupta is the Founder and Chairman of the Software for Education, Entertainment and Training Activities and Aspiring Investments Corp (http://aspiringapps.com). He has served as the former South-Asia Liaison at One Laptop per Child, where he acquired a wealth of experience in numerous technical and leadership roles. He worked closely with the governments and organizations in India and Sri Lanka to help build olpc foundations in these countries. An engineering graduate of the University of Delhi, Manu served as the Chairman of the Computer Society of India chapter at his school.

    In the social profit sector, Manu has worked as the Director, Business Development at India School Fund. He also serves on the board of advisors for C.S.I., D.U. He has been a pioneer in developing software, and co-authored paint, spreadsheet, and e-book reader for olpc.

    Vithika Gupta is an independent Community developer, who has been actively involved with project. She has received an immense storehouse of knowledge and expertise from her team during the development of projects. An engineering graduate from Banasthali University, Vithika had the honour of working with Aspiring Investments Corp. Throughout the course of her studies, she has proven her intellectual capabilities through a gamut of software,
    Currently, she is working with Aspiring Investments Corp.
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    Imagine an inspiring, impact idea or dream that needs the support of a global community to become real. We believe that we have an ambitious design -- and the vision, pragmatism and leadership to make it a reality.
    EMR as Service is a technology solution designed specifically to address the needs of the medical eco-system comprising of hospitals, laboratories, patients, R&D organizations and improve the operational efficiencies. Open Source software, hardware, devices, tools and APIs ensure that the community and us keep improving the system for the benefit of all. Simple and easy to navigate user interface, in-depth use of AI, open design with APIs ensure that the software and hardware stack stays ahead of the competition and enables better functioning of the medical hemisphere rather than be a maintenance burden. Addresses an immediate market .
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    Conquest PACS system
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