Entrant Profile

Richard Smith

Location: Orangeville, Ontario Canada

Company: Tiny Voice Inventions Inc.

Profession: Engineer/Designer

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Favorite design and analysis tools: Patience for understanding mistakes are the roots of success.

Hobbies and activities: Skiing, tennis, windsurfing, mountain biking,

Inspired by: I lost my friend who drown in the bathroom due to an Epileptic seizure. The Epileptic community and other communities need a simple device to stop water flow should someone you love slip and fall in the shower. For seniors 2/3rds of all ambulance rides to the hospital happen in the bathroom! The Shower Belt is a much needed drowning prevention device for the whole world! Thank you

2019 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
06/14 Shower Belt Medical 1155 1