Entrant Profile

Deonte Taylor

Location: Oakland, California United States

Company: Certs-U

Profession: Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner

Number of times previously entering contest: never

Hobbies and activities: Fishing and golfing

Inspired by: My inspiration comes from the community in which I grew up in and now serve which is the City of Oakland, Ca. Being a county hospital I work with patients from many different backgrounds and ethnicity's who dont necessarily have the resources or support system adequately to care for themselves. I am very passionate about my job and I take pride in giving back to my community in this capacity. The inspiration for my design comes from being able to solely focus on my patients and giving the best care as possible without having to worry about missing work and not being undependable to my patients and co-workers.

2019 Entries

Date Title Category Views Votes
07/02 Medical Certifications Made Easy! Medical 780 11